Historic Saloon Cars caters to pre-1978 four seater production cars with an emphasis on makes and models that have a period racing history.

Historic Saloon Cars uses four different sets of regulations:

- Motorsport New Zealand Historic and Classic Commission Schedule K
- Motorsport New Zealand Schedule T&C
- FIA Appendix K
- CAMS Australian Historic Group Nb and Nc

Schedule K caters only to original cars with a period racing history, and which are presented both mechanically and aesthetically as they were in period. Only invited Schedule K cars are eligible.

Schedule T&C caters to cars built to MSNZ Schedule T&C regulations. Cars must have a current MSNZ Certificate Of Description (COD).

FIA Appendix K caters to cars built to Appendix K, using the FIA Homologation Sheet. Cars must have either an FIA Historic Technical Passport, or MSNZ Certificate Of Description. The full Appendix K regulations are available below, as is the Homologation List, providing FIA Homologation numbers. We have available most of the Homologation Sheets and can provide these at request.

CAMS Historic Group Nb is for cars manufactured prior to 31 December 1964 of which 100 have been produced.
Group Nc is for cars of a make and model which competed in Australia between 1 January 1965 and 31 December 1972 in either the Australian Touring Car Championship or in other races for Group C Improved Production Touring Cars.

The cars competing in Historic Saloon Cars must be built to either MSNZ Schedule T&C, FIA Appendix K, or CAMS Group Nb or Nc, if not an original Schedule K car. There can be no mixing of the various sets of regulations.

Only cars appearing on the Eligibility List below are accepted to compete.

The focus of Historic Saloon Cars is to provide a safe, enjoyable environment where enthusiasts can build and race period correct sedans amongst like-minded enthusiasts. There is no championship, no points, and no rewards are given for finishing positions. Emphasis is placed on car presentation and period correctness. A successful racing event for Historic Saloon Cars is one where owners take their cars home free of damage.

Historic Saloon Cars Technical Regulations: Click Here

Motorsport New Zealand Schedule T&C Regulations: Click Here

FIA Appendix K Regulations: Click Here

FIA Appendix K Homologations List: Click Here

CAMS Historic Group Nb and Nc: Click Here

Historic Saloon Cars Vehicle Eligibility List: Click Here

Historic Saloon Cars Driver Standards: Click Here



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